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Great Kimble

Cottages in Great Kimble. St Nicholas Church in Great Kimble. The interior of the church in Great Kimble. The font in the church in Great Kimble.


For several generations the family lived in this place, the family structure becoming clearer through wills left by some family members.


Information about transcripts of wills can be found here

Alice BATES,   1798

Amos BATES,   1833

Eleanor BATES,   1802

Eliza BATES,   1852

Elizabeth BATES 1760

Elizabeth BATES,   1808

Elizabeth BATES,   1858

Hannah BATES,   1796

Hannah BATES,   1817

Hannah BATES,   1842

Harriet BATES,   1838

Harriet BATES,   1862

John BATES,   1763

John BATES,   1823

John BATES,   May 1860

John Rogers BATES,   1804

Levi BATES,   1828

Martha BATES,   1803

Mary BATES,   1796

Mary BATES,   1800

Mary Ann BATES,   1849

Phillis BATES,   1825

Samuel BATES,   1768

Thomas BATES,   1806

Thomas BATES,   1837

William BATES,   1761

William BATES,   1798

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A few miles from Aylesbury lies Great Kimble and its neighbouring villages of Little Kimble, Kimblewick and Marsh.  

People we have researched who were born within this parish:

Ann ARISS,  Abt 1813

John Bates ARISS,   1844

Elizabeth STRATFORD,  Abt 1777


Some of the Bakers listed below were related to the Bates family of Great Kimble.

Edward BAKER,   Abt May 1850

Eli BAKER,   1837

Elizabeth Hannah BAKER,   1862

Emma BAKER,   Abt 1848

George BAKER,  Abt 1840

Harriet BAKER,   1864

Isabella BAKER,  Abt 1833

James BAKER,   Abt 1845

Sarah BAKER,   Abt 1856

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