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Great Linford

Daffodils leading to the church in Great Linford. St Andrew's Church in Great Linford. Manor Ponds in Great Linford. The Almshouses of Great Linford. The Nags Head in Great Linford. Old building on High Street  in Great Linford. Three cottages in Great Linford. A house on the High Street in Great Linford. Pond in Great Linford.


A family of agricultural labourers who later moved in brickmaking.

Alfred REYNOLDS,   Abt 1847

Ann REYNOLDS,   1805

Charles REYNOLDS,   1810

Charles REYNOLDS,   Abt 1823

Charles REYNOLDS,   Abt 1848

George REYNOLDS,   1833

Henry REYNOLDS,   1835

Henry REYNOLDS,   Abt 1850

Jane REYNOLDS,   1803

Jane REYNOLDS,   Abt 1840

Joseph REYNOLDS,   1812

Sarah REYNOLDS,   Abt 1808

Sarah REYNOLDS,   Abt 1843

Thomas REYNOLDS,   1801

William REYNOLDS,   1814

William REYNOLDS,   Abt 1837

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Great Linford is an historic parish which was incorporated into Milton Keynes in 1967.  

These people were born or baptised in this parish:

Elizabeth MAPLEY,  Abt 1835

Mary MAPLEY,   Abt 1803

William REVITT,   Abt 1837

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