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Newport Pagnell

One of the main streets in Newport Pagnell Old house in Newport Pagnell. The church of St Peter & St Paul. The tower of St Peter and St Paul in Newport Pagnell. St John's Hospital in Newport Pagnell. Sign on St John's Hosspital. Almshouses in Newport Pagnell. The town centre in Newport Pagnell.


A family of whitesmiths who remained in this place until the 1850s.

Also born here:

Stained glass window in the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Thomas DOWDY,   Abt 1869

Edwin FRENCH,   Abt 1847

Joseph PLACKET, 1815

Rachel PLACKET,  1813

Elizabeth WOOD,   Abt 1802

Elizabeth ALLBRIGHT,  1816

Emma Caroline ALLBRIGHT ,  1821

James ALLBRIGHT ,  1824

John ALLBRIGHT,   3 September 1802

Joseph ALLBRIGHT ,  Abt 1808

Mary ALLBRIGHT ,  1810

Mary Ann ALLBRIGHT,   27 January 1806

Michael ALLBRIGHT,   1818

Sarah ALLBRIGHT,   1813

William ALLBRIGHT,   12 August 1804

William ALLBRIGHT,   3 August 1825

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Once one of the largest towns in Buckinghamshire, Newport Pagnell is now considered to be part of the Borough of Milton Keynes

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